Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kitty Hall: Studying Government

During this election cycle, we have temporarily diverted our homeschooling studies from ancient civilizations to the modern era.

Sophia Claire has built up a series of found-object "buildings" and has established a new government in our little kitchen corridor.

No, not City Hall, says Sophia: Kitty Hall, where duly elected kitties make rules and follow them.

Clinical Symptoms of Homeschooling

Six-year-old Sophia Claire had brought along a book bag filled with good things to read, when she accompanied me to my dental appointment. Kindly making conversation, the hygienist asked S.C. to name some of her "favorite story books."

Sophia paused to think before responding, "Well, the most interesting book I've read recently is a biography of Marie Curie which explains how she discovered radium."

Reacting with only a barely perceptible, merry twinkling of eyes, the hygienist smiled nonchalantly, "Oh! So, are you homeschoolers?"

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