Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who are scientists, and where do they work?

Research scientists agree on the methods of scientific inquiry, and on particular conclusions based on objective evidence, but don't expect them to agree on much else. In fact, this diversity among researchers is one of the safeguards of science -- there is little room for global bias among a body of competing researchers which represents all religious beliefs and non-belief, the range of human and cultural perspectives, and various national backgrounds.

Consider, for example, the location of (and national funding sources for) the world's physics communities, versus the religious and cultural beliefs and national interests of the countries in which those universities are located.

Adhering to the sometimes tedious processes of scientific method and review, including repeated testing by various parties to ensure the validity, consistency, and predictability of results and conclusions, has proved to be the best way to discover -- eventually -- the real truth about the way things work.


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